Examples of our versatility

Our customer needed a complex seal groove machined in the mating face of this aluminium casting end plate, along with various holes and tapped holes relating to existing machined areas.
Due to the nature of this part the first hurdle was the fixture, we manufactured various length pillars to locate against previously machined faces which were then bolted directly to the machine bed.
Using our probe system we were able to pick up the existing datum and rotation to insure perfect alignment.
The part was then programmed from a DXF file, resulting in the creation of a truly accurate component.
This plastic cassette was an enjoyable challenge that we successfully conquered, the size of the component and the brittle nature of the material being the biggest issue.
Our client visited site and was impressed with our machinery and other work examples, placing an order for 30 units.
We collaborated with our tooling supplier to give us the best chance of success considering that the material was extremely prone to shatter.
The part didn’t have any form of drawing, so using our reverse engineering skills and gathering a good understanding of the mechanical requirements of the cassette we completed the task to a very high standard.
 Please take time to study the detailed cut outs, blind pockets, helicoiled threads and the sheer mass of material removed leaving some very thin sections.
This Press Tool was designed and manufactured by Wilson Tool.
It started with our customer bringing us his idea to form reinforcing rods.
Due to the nature of the job we focused on the need to make this on a tight budget and not to over engineer the press itself.
A prototype was developed and tested in the field and has now become an order on request job. Yet again the tool itself was drawn entirely by our designer, so the customer can order any part of the press at any time in any quantity – or simply purchase the complete unit.
This component is a welded fabrication used for hoisting engines. The frame is manufactured from original drawings and must be ‘safe load tested’ as well as ‘drop tested’.
On completion of certification the frame is powder coated in the customers preferred colour and delivered in the quantity ordered. We are happy to do these jobs as a single order or a large quantity if required.
This particular example was for a regular client who had a throw away spring that they were ordering on a regular basis.
After an in house discussion we wanted to improve the lifetime of the component, the spring itself was designed by the OEM out of ‘Stropping’ which is a cheap solution for a regular order part. With our knowledge of materials and in house Heat Treatment we took it upon ourselves to supply a 1 off special made out of a new gauged Spring Steel which was then Heat Treated in house.
The customer just couldn’t believe the difference but had concerns over the price a set would be. After explaining that the difference in cost would be the difference in material and the Heat Treatment the customer put an order in to cover all the sets he would require. 6 months on and the new version is still like new, whereas before they would have ordered numerous sets in this time frame.
Not only has this improved the life of the component, but our customer now has far less down time to continually replace damaged springs.
Let us show you how Wilson Tool can improve the life of your products.