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Our heat treatment covers the following aspects:

  • Case hardening

  • Tool steel hardening & tempering

  • Annealing

  • Stress relieving

  • Specified depths of case

  • Telephone prices for large quantities and pre-weighed work

  • Quick turn around

  • Local pick up and delivery

  • Certificates if required

  • Pack and return service

ICI Case Hardening salt bath furnace

Diameter – 450mm maximum
Max temperature – 950 deg
Range of case depth – 0.10mm to 1.5mm
Capacity – 600mm deep

ICI Mar salt bath tempering and quenching furnace

Diameter – 400mm maximum
Max temperature – 500 deg
Max capacity – 400mm

ICI Through Hardening salt bath furnace

Diameter – 450mm maximum
Max temperature 1050 deg
Capacity – 600mm deep


Used for Annealing, Stress Relieving and Tempering
Max temperature 675 deg
Capacity – 900 wide x 900 deep x 600mm high

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